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Wine Tours, Stellenbosch

Yes, you’re reading that right and no, you’re eyes aren’t just seeing things after drinking a few glasses of said drink at dinner. The number one attraction, that has discerning travellers flocking in their masses to pretty Stellenbosch’s verdant valley, is a good ol’ wine tour. 

Surely Jesus wouldn’t have turned water into wine if it wasn’t good for the soul? And isn’t it a well-known fact that red wine has health benefits? Well then, that’s settled. A Stellenbosch wine tour is a surefire way to keep you happy and healthy, it’s practically written in the gospel. 

Whether red, white, pink or sparkling is your go-to tipple, the vineyards that carpet Stellenbosch will be sure to satisfy every one of your wine related needs – all for a price so good that the bill will have you doing double-takes. Seriously, you can get bottles of quality wine here for as little as £3. If that hasn’t sold a Stellenbosch wine farm trip, then we don’t know what will.  

And, traditionally paired with a selection of top-quality cheeses, meats or chocolates, wine tours (under the guise of cultural exploration of course) probably make for the best excuse for a spot of self-indulgence that you’ll ever come across. A day trip to Stellenbosch’s impossibly pretty vineyards will certainly be a “cheat day” like no other. 

Why you should add Wine Tours to your itinerary

The sumptuous delights of a Stellenbosch wine farm are immediately apparent. After all, there’s no such thing as an unattractive estate in this valley. The quaint Cape Dutch architecture is amongst some of the best in the country and the rolling verdure of the vineyards backdropped by the iconic Table Mountain in the distance will see you whipping your camera out in no time. New screensaver? We think so. 

Top on the day’s agenda is a wine tasting of course. And with around 150 wine estates to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Make sure to take a vineyard and cellar tour first to make the most of the experience though.

Wine and South Africa have become somewhat synonymous of late and it’s no wonder why because you can find new-world wine at its best in this country.

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Wine Tours essential information


Wine farms dot the rolling verdure of their vineyards that tumble through Stellenbosch’s valley.

Opening times

Dolly Parton really did speak for everyone when she said “workin’ nine to five, what a way to make a livin’”, and life on a wine farm in Stellenbosch is no different. But most offer evening dining experiences too, so it’s best to check their individual opening times.

Getting in

Harvest time celebrations during height of summer months make for a great atmosphere but this is a year-round activity. During wintertime, most wineries light up a traditional fire making for a cosy atmosphere in which to enjoy a rich glass of red.  

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