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Tailor Made Holidays to Mozambique

Forget Maputo, the capital’s offerings are – to put it mildly – limited, but make a beeline for the beaches and you won’t be looking back in a hurry. Described by the Mozambican writer, Mia Couto, as "a veranda that overlooks the Indian Ocean", this country’s crowd-free coastline will have you weak at the knees. And, if remote is what you long for, then the tiny islands idylls that lie just off of the southern coast’s shore will be enough to make all your wildest desert-island-dreams come true. 

Mozambique presents a deliciously simple way of life – a couple of days into your trip and the routine of your nine-to-five will be a distant memory. Why were you so anxious about that friend’s birthday-do again? What was that work email that you lost sleep over? Who knows. And quite frankly, who cares. The stress and strain of everyday life is soon forgotten when the hardest decisions you have to make here are what time to have lunch and which novel to get lost in next. For a real escape from reality, ditch your phone and opt to capture the memories on a disposable camera instead. The ultimate digital detox. Going old-school will prove to be far more rewarding than religiously updating your Facebook friends on your every move – that’s a promise.

Has the beach talk bored you yet? If not, then this is a destination for you. 

But Mozambique’s allure doesn’t solely lie in the – albeit very capable – hands of its of dune-skirted sands. With the soothing swell of the Indian Ocean practically on your doorstep, it’s these warm waters that will be the key to your holiday fun. By day, the ocean holds the prospect of adventure: diving, fishing, snorkelling – take your pick. And by night, its cool breeze will envelope you in the romance of the brochure-worthy setting, before lulling you to sleep with its rhythmic sounds. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, scuba diving in the waters off of the Bazaruto Archipelago is a must. The pristine coral reefs of Bazaruto Archipelago National Park have Mozambique’s tumultuous history to thank for their intact beauty. The lack of commercialisation to this area means that the reef, unlike in many other corners of the world, is yet to be ruined by mass tourism. Good news for any Blue Planet lovers. 

Or, if you’re more comfortable out of the water than in it, why not set sail in a traditional wooden dhow? As the sails billow above, make sure to survey the stretch of blue below for the incredibly diverse marine life that frequent these waters. Dolphins, whales, sharks and turtles you’ll be familiar with, but it’s the dugongs, or “sea cows”, that you’ll have to keep your eyes especially peeled for here.

You can discover the secrets of Mozambique’s breathtaking coast by selecting it as an additional location on either our Classic or Garden Route base itineraries. To find out what other secret treasures Southern Africa has to offer, simply head to our itinerary builder now.

Mozambique Inspiration

As far as a visit to Mozambique goes, time is of the essence. Rustic it may be but it’s also very real and isn’t that the point of travel? Make sure you catch it before the other tourists do and get clued up before you go with our insider blogs.

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