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Meraki Travel launches as a new brand from DER Touristik UK

Press Release

Meraki Travel launches as a new online travel brand; tailor-made long-haul holidays made simple

Creating and booking a tailor-made holiday to long-haul destinations ranging from India to South Africa is about to be made simple online thanks to new travel brand, Meraki Travel.

Meraki Travel, part of DER Touristik UK (the parent company of Kuoni and specialist brands Carrier, Kirker, CV Villas, Voyage Jules Verne and Journey Latin America) is a new concept for bespoke travel –aimed at the experience generation; millennial couples and empty nesters looking for amazing, authentic travel experiences to far flung destinations.

Designed to inspire couples to venture further afield by showcasing a range of amazing landmark destinations, Meraki makes complex tailor-made trips easy and fun to plan, customise and then book online.

From sea kayaking in Hermanus in South Africa (active experience) to a wine tram in Franschhoek (culture) with a safari on the Eastern Cape (base experience), the online itinerary builder with dynamic functionality allows people to customise a base itinerary and add a range of experiences tailored to their interests.

India and South Africa are the first destinations to launch from Meraki Travel. Other destinations include Kenya & Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Canada and China, with more destinations coming in 2019.

The hotels and experiences have all been carefully curated by the Meraki Travel team with accommodation starting from three-star hotels to character properties and premium and luxury hotels - or in some cases palaces. Decide on what accommodation suits you and then add to this an experience pack – which range from Foodie, Cultural, Active and Authentic, to a Once-in-a-Lifetime experience; depending on what interests you have.

There are over 1,200 different variations for India alone, with live pricing changes as the customer goes through the itinerary builder and makes selections. Itineraries can be saved, shared and paid for securely online and travel documents will be saved in the My Meraki section of the site. All aspects of the site have been designed to be simple and intuitive.

The name Meraki [Murr-ahh-key] is a Greek word used to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love — when you put “something of yourself” into what you're doing, whatever it may be.

Matthew Hodgson, General Manager of Meraki says; “Creating a tailor-made trip purely online is still a remarkably tricky thing to do, mainly as there are so many elements to get right from the flights, to the hotels, transfers and experiences. Many online brands still direct people to pick up the phone when it comes to booking.”

“Yet we know customers when, presented with a basic structure, will happily tweak and customise something to their needs. If you look at brands like they’ve made customising things like sofas simple and easy to do by allowing people to choose their model, size, budget, fabrics and we know that confidence to book bigger ticket items online is growing amongst a particular customer base.”

More details can be found at

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