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Tailor Made Holidays To Ol Pejete

Okay, so you want the classic jaw-dropping, once-in-a-lifetime safari experience- completely immersed in the unforgettable biosphere of a beautiful country. We can give you that. But what if you want something more, what if you want to actually be involved with and aid the Kenyan community while you’re at it? 

Well- the good news is, we have just the place for you. Introducing Kenya’s Ol Pejeta Conservancy- a safari experience that is truly unique to its East African counterparks (see what we did.) This Kenyan-run non-profit organisation is not only a heart-warming haven for a myriad of gorgeous creatures, it’s also a hub of conservation and development for the humble Kenyan community.
So, what can you do in front of the stunning backdrop of acacia-dotted plains, emerald grassland and the snow-capped peak of Mount Kenya? Well, one word springs to mind when mentioning this place- rhinos. Ol Pejeta takes its crown as "Key 1" black rhino population on the IUCN African Rhino Specialist Group- an award which only 8 sanctuaries in the whole of the continent can put their name to. And if that doesn’t impress you enough, Ol Pejeta is home to the only two northern white rhinos you will find in the world. So, what are you waiting for? Prepare to roam sandstone plains with these beautiful beasts striding alongside.

And then there’s the chimpanzees. Not to go over the top with the acclamation's, but it’s impossible not to with this place- Ol Pejeta’s own Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary is the only place in Kenya where this highly-endangered yet astoundingly intelligent species can be seen. No orphaned, abandoned or abused monkey will be turned away from here- ‘Sweet’ waters is certainly a fitting name ‘cause this place pulls at the heartstrings. So take a walk through a sunset-bathed monkey refuge; share a smile with our wonderfully charming ancestors. It’d be pure monkey business not to.

But wait- we’re not even done with the animal kingdom yet. Big five? Check. Rare, endangered beauties like the African wild dog, oryx, Grevy’s zebra, cheetah? Check. And the staples of African safari experience- giraffes, baboons, hippos, hyeni? You get the message- this place has it all. And that’s forgetting the beating wings of Ol Pejeta’s 300 bird species. Crazy stuff.

So prepare for walking alongside khaki-clad Ol Pejeta rangers through citrine savannahs on guided bush walks, cruising under sapphire skies during the well-known ‘night game drives’, and roaring with the kings of the jungle during heart-stopping lion tracking. Whilst you’re there, you can truly absorb yourself in the stunning scenery the park so deftly preserves- its rich tapestry of rolling foothills and evergreen thickets. 

And you wouldn’t want to mess with Ol Pejeta and their wildlife. Guides will proudly show you around the great lengths this park go to protect their natural world- drones, extremely loved tracker dogs, ‘game corridors’ for their wonderful rhinos. They even let their cattle graze alongside the rest of the wildlife, maximising biodiversity and harking back to the humble beginnings of the sanctuary- a small cattle ranch which gradually morphed into one of the best wildlife conservancies in the world. 

And what do Ol Pejeta preserve exactly, you ask? Well, they provide funding to similar agricultural projects all over Kenya, whilst also improving health services, education, water and even roads. The park is a huge financial asset due to its development of tourism- so hats off to these guys.

Well then, what are you waiting for? The safari experience of a lifetime lies just around the corner.

Explore our Kenya Holidays, created by us and tailored by you.

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