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Tailor Made Holidays to Tarangire

Tarangire has the winning combination of being one of the biggest national parks in Tanzania with a surprisingly high concentration of game animals. Though it’s often overshadowed by the more well-known safari hotspots on the northern circuit, it boasts just as many natural wonders. You could find yourself watching a family of elephants grazing on the lush river banks, a herd of gazelles dancing elegantly across the open plains or a stealthy lion stalking a group of unaware wildebeests. And because Tarangire National Park manages to slip under the tourist radar, you won’t be competing with other safari vehicles for the best viewing spots either. Exceptional animal sightings in an undisturbed environment - what’s not to love?

The park’s lifeblood and namesake is the Tarangire River, which meanders through the grasslands and forests attracting a wealth of thirsty animals during the dry season. The star attraction are the elephants, with more than 3,000 in the park during the high season. Other highlights include tree-climbing lions and huge herds of migrating zebras, wildebeest and buffalo. There’s a slight caveat though. While safaris may be fantastic in the dry season, much of the wildlife migrates outside the park the rest of the year. So to avoid any disappointment, make sure you visit from July to October.

Tarangire is located close to two of Tanzania’s most famous safari parks - the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This means it’s usually just a brief stop-off on northern circuit itineraries, but once you’ve experienced it’s beautiful scenery and wonderful wildlife, you’ll soon see why it deserves much more attention.

If you want to explore Tarangire National Park, make sure you choose the Tanzania base itinerary. You can then add Tarangire, plus many more exciting destinations, by using our itinerary builder.

Tarangire Inspiration

One of Tanzania’s most underrated national parks, Tarangire offers spectacular scenery and a surprising abundance of wildlife. If you want to find out more about Tarangire and othe northern circuit parks, why not have a read of some of our blogs?

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