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Kenya & Tanzania Tour Experiences

Vast, wildlife dotted savannahs, dramatic, stand-alone, snow-capped peaks and a tribal heritage that is still very much alive. Ah, East Africa – a region that conjures up an image of an entire continent and one in which you certainly won’t be short on things to do. In fact, you’ll be so spoilt for choice that you may need a helping hand. And that’s where we come in.

Stuck on what to do in Kenya? Well first and foremost, you have to go on a safari. It would just be mad not to. For a quintessentially Kenyan game drive experience, you simply can’t beat Lake Nakuru National Park – between the unparalleled rhino viewing and the flocks of fuschia flamingos, your instagram is about to get wild. But, if you’re looking for something with a little more pizzazz, Hell’s Gate National Park does safari with a difference. Fancy walking through the wilderness alongside grazing giraffe, or zigzagging around zebra on a cycling tour? It may all sound pretty fantastical, but with no threat from big cats, it’s all possible in this park.

Then there’s Kenya’s people – traditional tribes struggling to maintain their heritage in a modern world that threatens to take it all away. Get lost in the individual stories from over 40 of the country’s native tribes at the Bomas of Kenya and you’ll leave all the more enriched for it.

Or, perhaps discover East Africa’s most renowned nomadic people with a visit to a Maasai tribe in Tanzania – with their ancient rituals, pastoralist lives and vibrant clothing, it’s the Maasai that give this part of the world its distinct cultural flavour after all.

For those heading to Tanzania, it’s likely that Africa’s tallest mountain will feature pretty highly on the bucket-list. We are of course referring to the dizzying heights of Mount Kilimanjaro, a landmark that with its ‘highest free-standing mountain on earth’ status, is guaranteed to inspire some awe. And its neighbouring little brother, Mount Meru, isn’t to be forgotten either. Both of these ancient volcanoes-cum-mountains are spectacles worth a look at. 

Oh, and you can’t forget a quick trip to Zanzibar, Tanzania’s ultimate island idyll. After a whole lot of wildlife viewing you’ll be longing for some beach time, but Stone Town, the island’s quirky Old Town, is most definitely worth a day (or two) of your time too. So drag yourself away from the sugar white sands for a hot second because Stone Town’s crumbling beauty and bustling bazaars are calling.

Ensure you don’t miss a thing by using our itinerary builder. First, choose your base itinerary so the most important sites are on the map (don’t worry if a destination is missing at this point – you can add it later). Then simply tailor your holiday to your exact requirements.

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Experiences to Add to Your Kenya & Tanzania Itinerary

Olduvai Gorge

Established as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979, the gorge is more than just a dramatic ravine, but rather one of the world’s most important treasure trove for fossils too. It’s here that the earliest evidence of the existence of human ancestors can be found.

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Stone Town

Making up the most famed half of Zanzibar City, this labyrinth-like, historical quarter is a cultural melting pot, packed full to the brim of ancient trading-hub secrets. Forget all the cliches of powder white sands and turquoise waters that lure tourists to the archipelago's beaches, this is Zanzibar at its most authentic.

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Maasai Tribe

A visit to one of Ngorongoro’s Maasai communities is a cultural insight into East African heritage like no other. Traditional bomas – made from mud, sticks, grass and cow dung – are configured into circular villages which are then enclosed by a fence fashioned from thorned Acacia branches to protect their cattle from any roaming lions.

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Mount Kilimanjaro

And, as if being the tallest mountain in the continent wasn’t enough, as it’s not part of a mountain range, Kilimanjaro also holds the title of the world’s tallest free-standing mountain. So, don’t just catch a glimpse of it, get a photo in front of it too. This mountain is high on the list of earth’s most incredible sights, that’s for sure.

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Mount Meru

Having last erupted in 1910, Meru is actually considered an active volcano. It exploded into life over 500,000 years ago and has since dominated Arusha’s skyline with its distinctive horseshoe rim. Now protected by Arusha National Park, the area surrounding the mountain is rich with wildlife so a quick trip here and you’ll kill two birds with one stone.

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Hell’s Gate National Park

The park itself was established back in 1984 and named ‘Hell’s Gate’ due to the intense geothermal activity that occurs within its boundaries.

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Lake Nakuru National Park

A game drive in Lake Nakuru National Park is essential to discovering Kenya’s wild heart. From watching a lioness napping in the branches of an acacia forest to picnicking with a picturesque cascade as a backdrop at Makalia Falls, this is one of the country’s finest spots when it comes to embracing earth’s natural beauty.

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Bomas of Kenya

It’s a tourist village that owns what it is. After all, built to teach visitors about the country’s various tribes, there’s no way that this cultural centre can be anything but touristy.

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