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Sri Lanka with Meraki Travel

Six reasons to travel Sri Lanka with Meraki Travel

Quite frankly, there’s nothing not to love about Sri Lanka. Steeped in rich history, full to the brim of ever-friendly people and blanketed from head to toe in varying forms of verdure, this captivating country is somewhat like South Asia’s answer to Europe’s favourite green isle, Ireland. And, being an island country itself means only one thing: Sri Lanka boasts plenty of beautiful beaches.

But, it’s not just its teardrop shape that has led this nation to be known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’. Think a year-round tropical climate, flavours that will have you begging for the recipes at every turn, enough wildlife to enchant for days on end, tea trail hikes that reward with a cup of the good stuff, fantastic surf opportunities and heaps upon heaps of heritage. Ok, you can breathe now. But our lists aren’t quite over. So Sri Lanka is seductive, we’ve figured that much out. The next question is: why should you travel to this jungled paradise with Meraki Travel? Well listen in, because here comes our sales pitch. And we don’t like to sing our own praises, but it’s good. Promise.

Itineraries curated by us and chosen by you

You’re off to Sri Lanka, the decision has been made (yay). But the whose, whats and where’s have all gotten a bit much for you to get your head around which is where Meraki Travel comes in. You actually know very little about this country and, realistically, you don’t have time to spend hours researching where’s best to go and what’s best to do while you’re there. So luckily for you, our expert team has done it all for you. We’ve handpicked Sri Lanka’s highlights – all of its must-see destinations – and created a customisable itinerary just for you. So start with one of our Sri Lanka holidays and from there you can add on any further locations (and experiences) that take your fancy. Yep, it really is that easy.

No tricks have been missed

It’s time to pack up your preconceptions because our tailor-made ‘package’ holidays are for the savvy traveller. And with flights, hotels, experiences as well as your own personal driver all bookable on the one site, Meraki Travel really does have the full package. The days of endless calls with a travel agent and booking through multiple websites are well and truly behind you. Behold a far-flung adventure to Sri Lanka done the easy way. 

Where you rest your head at night is important, we know that

...but we also know that your budget is important too. So, rather than shipping you off to one, average hotel we’ve provided a whole host of choice – once again, this one’s on you. Whether you go for a staple standard, authentic character, plush premium or lavish luxury, we’ve sifted through the best of Sri Lanka’s stock so that you don’t have to.  

Standard: OZO Kandy (Kandy)

As you’ll quickly learn, our standard level of hotels doesn’t mean basic by any means. Stay at the OZO Kandy and you’ll discover a smart and stylish retreat with a rooftop pool to boot. Think fresh, modern and comfortable rooms that offer up picturesque views of Kandy’s renowned mist-covered hills. 

Character: Fort Bazaar (Galle

This boutique hotel enjoys a prime position in the heart of the UNESCO-listed Galle Fort. Combining contemporary style with traditional Middle-Eastern décor, rooms are elegantly furnished with four-poster beds and have views of the beautiful courtyard or historic Church Street. It’s certainly characterful, that’s for sure.

Premium: Araliya Green Hills Hotel (Nuwara Eliya)

Nuwara Eliya’s Araliya Green Hotel provides world-class hospitality and an old-world regal elegance amidst the fresh mountain air of a popular hill station resort. Rooms come with plush furnishings and magnificent views, whilst a dip in the heated pool is the perfect way to relax after a long day of exploring.

Luxury: Chena Huts by Uga Escapes (Yala)

Set amongst the sandy dunes and lush trees of Yala’s jungled coastline, Chenu Huts are what wilderness travel dreams are made of. These private thatched huts come complete with their own private pools and a sleek, modern twist on safari decor. But when you can pull yourself away from the out-and-out luxury and all-inclusive dining of this beauty of a bolthole, the real treat awaits in the huts’ wildlife rich surrounds.

Location, location, location 

It’s such a compact country that if you really wanted to, you could probably tick off all of Sri Lanka’s highlights in the one trip. But that, of course, is up to you, because at Meraki Travel we’re all about the choice. So perhaps you’re a fan of all things aquatic, desperate to tick off the turtle hatcheries and blue whales that can be found near Galle’s picturesque shores. But you also want to get to grips with Sri Lanka’s ever-green hill stations and swig back a cuppa or two whilst you’re there – Nuwara Eliya is calling. And then there’s Bentota’s swathes of golden sands or the Maldives’ turquoise lagoons. The options are endless. And, as if that wasn’t enough, you can milk the holiday for all its worth by opting for ‘relaxed’ pace, which will give you longer in each of your chosen locations to savour the sights. Our advise? If you have the time, pile on the locations and take it slow – you only live once, right?

What is life without experiences?

But quite seriously, we want to know. Because for us, travel is about throwing yourself into all that the country has to offer which means a whole lot of experiences. You’ve heard about Sri Lanka’s elephants, but if you didn’t see them whilst you were there have you really experienced the country? That’s where our experience packages come in, because just how we don’t want you to miss out on any must-see locations, we also don’t want you to miss out on any must-do activities. Which is exactly why all base itineraries come with the must-do attractions included. And, if that’s not enough for you, you’ll have to ability to add on any number of themed experience packages too. Consider yourself an epicurean? Go for a ‘foodie’ pack. Love packing in the action. Opt for ‘active’.

Even before you start your research there are a few attractions that are nothing short of iconic when it comes to Sri Lanka’s sites. Shrouded in ancient history and listed as one of the country’s eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Sigiriya Rock is of course near the top of your holiday bucket-list. We think that you’d be silly to miss this awe-inspiring site which is exactly why we’ve included it as part of the base itinerary. Then there’s the elephants. Home to some 7,000 wild Asian elephants, this is a country where these magnificent mammals rule the roost. Book on our Classic base itinerary and you’ll get a Minneriya elephant safari thrown in. With so many of them knocking about, you’re in for a treat.

Go for our Wildlife itinerary and you’ll definitely be taking in the sights of Nuwara Eliya, which means that if you add on an ‘active’ experience pack to your holiday you’ll get to go trekking in the epic landscapes of Horton Plains. Or, perhaps opt for a ‘foodie’ pack instead and be treated to an ever-elegant high tea at the Grand Hotel.

If you fancy getting stuck into the ‘authentic’ way of life, you’ll be introduced to a serene farming village by means of a catamaran ride and have lunch with a local in Habarana. But if it’s more ‘once in a lifetime’ stuff that you’re after, get your camera at the ready as you’ll be off on a hot air balloon ride over the lush, jungle landscapes of Dambulla.

We provide the white-sand goods

You’re wandering the historic cobbles of Galle, and stumble across the picturesque swell of the Indian Ocean, stretching out its endless turquoise waters as far as your eye can see. But out there, just a hop skip and a jump away, lies the sumptuous white sands of the sought-after Maldives. With the snow-white islands so close you can almost reach them, surely you’d be mad to miss this one off your bucket-list? Which is why we’ve made sure that this indulgent destination is available as an optional add on to either of our Sri Lanka base itineraries. Go on, you know you want to. 

In case you haven’t noticed already, Sri Lanka really does have it all. So what are you waiting for? Explore our Sri Lanka holidays now and start planning your adventure.

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