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Did someone say city, beach AND safari break?

Our six favourite multi-destination holidays

We’re all about the multi-destination holidays at Meraki. We mean, why take just one holiday when you can take three or four in one? Why take just a city break when you can take a city, beach AND safari break? With limited annual leave and general life responsibilities snatching our precious holiday time away from us, we’re under pressure to find the best and most efficient way to make the most of our holidays. And what better way to do this than to opt for a multi-destination holiday? Look no further, holiday lovers because multi-destination holidays are our thing. We’ve done all the research, picked the best bits of each destination and connected all the dots so you can rest assured that whichever one of our multi-destination itineraries you pick, it’s going to be a good one. Interested? Good. Read on and discover some of our six favourite multi-destination holidays and you’ll be well on your way to planning your perfect holiday, we promise.

Kenya & Zanzibar

Did someone say city, safari AND beach? Our Kenya & Zanzibar itinerary is definitely up there as one of our favourite multi-centre holidays and for very good reason – you’ll get three entirely different experiences, from two different countries, all in one.

You’ll begin your East African adventure in Nairobi, the heart of Kenya. It’s vibrant, it’s exciting and trust us, you’ll experience hustle and bustle like you’ve never experienced it before. While Nairobi may not be the most attractive of cities, it certainly makes up for it with its colourful personality and its ideal location for those looking to visit Kenya’s most sought after national parks. Yep, next up its Lake Naivasha and Maasai Mara. Over the next four days, your sole focus will be gearing up in your khakis, heading out in your jeep and experiencing Africa’s heart-stopping wildlife encounters from The Big Five to the underdogs of Africa while also witnessing how humans and animals co-exist together in harmony – truly an unforgettable experience. 

Oh, and no East African safari is complete with a trip over to Zanzibar is it? Oh go on then. After a long five days of city exploring and game driving, it’ll be time to visit Zanzibar, Tanzania’s postcard perfect coastal town. Nope, no effort was made to avoid the travel clichés. This place is a gem. Just think of white sandy beaches, sapphire waters and a maze of narrow streets hidden within its very own UNESCO World Heritage Site and you’ll be onto a winner. Yep, this itinerary has it all. 

couple dining next to a herd of elephants

Rocky Road Trip

Next up on our list of favourite multi-destination holidays it has to be Western Canada. Famous for its picturesque natural scenery and array of some of the world’s most liveable cities, this region is the place to be if you’re all about city thrills and jaw-dropping landscapes. Our Rocky Road Trip itinerary combines the best of Western Canada’s cities with the best of Western Canada’s National Parks and if we can give you one word of advice, it’s to bring a good camera because you’re going to want to boast all about it when you get back home..and rightly so! 

Your Canadian multi-destination holiday will start in cowboy meets cosmopolitan Calgary. Known for its chilled out vibe, its abundance of chic restaurants, boutiques and bars, Calgary is more famously known as the gateway to the postcard perfect Banff and Jasper National Parks. It’s here that once you park your car, you’ll be immediately drawn in by the glassy lakes, the incredible hiking experiences on offer, the sweeping views of snowy mountains and the abundance of wildlife roaming around. Boasting the title of one of the most scenic road trips in the world, booking a multi-destination holiday in Canada is an absolute must if you want to ensure you see everything on offer, but be prepared, we’ll accept absolutely no blame when you catch the travel bug and suffer severe holiday blues. Ok, maybe we’ll accept some. 

After you’ve had your fill of some of the world’s most awe-inspiring scenery, you’ll venture onward to Sun Peaks which is famous for its, well, peaks. This small skiing resort will be your idyllic and serene stopover in the Rockies before you head back into the hustle and bustle of city life, ending your trip in one of the most liveable cities in the world; Vancouver.

Mountains surrounding blue lake

Rivers and Pandas

Combining a mixture of China’s immense history, cute ‘n cuddly pandas and awe-inspiring scenery with city vibes, our Rivers and Pandas multi-destination holiday certainly won’t leave you short of envy worthy travel stories to bring back home with you. 

Your Chinese multi-destination holiday will begin in China’s bustling capital Beijing. Home to an impressive mix of skyscrapers and eight..yes eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the world famous Great Wall of China, you’ll come face to face with China’s colourful history time and time again before heading off to Xian, an entire city built on an ancient site steeped in Silk Road history. Yup, the first few days of this itinerary may make the history buffs go a tad weak at the knees.  

Next up it’s the experience of all experiences: visiting the pandas of Chengdu. Home to the Giant Panda Research Centre which houses around 200 of these cheeky creatures, Chengdu could quite possibly be the highlight of your multi-destination holiday in China. And it doesn’t stop there because Chengdu is also well known for its bustling atmosphere and tasty street food meaning you’ll have plenty to keep yourself occupied with during your spare time. 

Once it’s time to say goodbye to Chengdu’s furry residents, you’ll continue your multi-destination holiday by coming face to face with some of China’s most beautiful scenery as you embark on a cruise along Asia’s longest river; The Yangtze. And don’t worry, you won’t be cruising the whole thing because you really don’t need to – Chongquing to Yichang is where it’s at. Throughout your cruise you’ll encounter some immense backdrops set within winding waterways before heading towards the Three Gorges Dam, one of the largest dam structures in the world. You’ll also have the incredible opportunity to embark on off-shore excursions where you’ll gain a deeper insight into Chinese culture like you’ve never known it.  

After such an exciting and diverse multi-destination holiday across China, it would just be rude to not end it with a bang, so onto Shanghai you’ll go. This stylish city boasts an intriguing contrast of modern style and historical colour - one minute you’ll explore The Bund’s answer to western skyscrapers while in the next minute you’ll find yourself lost in traditional Chinese alleyways stuffing your face in the authentic food markets. Offering the perfect contrast between historical, cultural, modern and stylish,  whichever way you decide to end your China multi-destination holiday, one thing’s for sure and that’s the incredible memories you’ll bring home with you. 

panda eating bamboo in forest

Tropical Kerala

Ah, Kerala. Arguably one of India’s most beautiful states. From serene backwaters, inspiring local life and sweeping views of tea and spice plantations, Kerala is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of India.

You’ll begin your Indian multi-destination holiday in the colonial town of Cochin, known for its role in the trade of spices and its ancient fishing industry. Your time here will mostly be spent exploring the city’s ancient mosques and colonial era buildings or relaxing at one of its cosmopolitan cafes before being taken by private car to Thekkady. And to say that this charming town will stimulate your senses is an understatement. Not only will you be treated to sweeping views of coffee, tea and spice plantations throughout your time here, but the surrounding aromas that fill the air are to die for. You’ll also enjoy a tour of the local plantations while gaining an insight into the livelihood of locals and how some of India’s most sought after spices are grown, harvested and processed. 

Next up and arguably the best part of this multi-destination holiday, it’s Alleppey. This awe-inspiring city is famous for its backwaters surrounded by lush vegetation where both locals and tourists alike float along in traditional canoes and houseboats. During your time here you’ll enjoy an incredible overnight stay on one of these houseboats, enjoying a comfortable and authentic experience set within an impressive blend of traditional and luxury décor while you step away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  Oh, and the sunsets are pretty incredible too. Alleppey also has so much more to offer its visitors than just its backwaters. You’ll have the opportunity to take a stroll in its charming old town and wander along the local food stalls before indulging in local delicacies and simply kicking back and relaxing. Go on, you deserve it. 

The final leg of your multi-destination holiday in Kerala will end in Kumarakom, one of Kerala’s many charming fishing villages. Arguably the best place to end your holiday, you’ll have the opportunity to get some serious relaxation in as you take in the surrounding scenery that has been completely untouched by mass tourism and catch a glimpse of rural life as you let life slow down around you.  

houseboat floating down alleppey backwaters

The Best of Cape Town & Kruger 

City, wine and safari. Yup, that sounds right up our street. When it comes to multi-centre holidays and getting the most out of your time and money, South Africa is the place to visit. Our Best of Cape Town and Kruger itinerary will see you go from Cape Town’s city thrills through to a tasty encounter with South Africa’s world-class wines in Stellenbosch and onto South Africa’s world renowned Kruger National Park for a truly unforgettable safari experience. 

Your South African adventure will begin in the vibrant city of Cape Town. This city is all about the natural scenery, the cosmopolitan city vibes and the multicultural feel which is reflected in its deliciously diverse cuisine and city atmosphere. With so much to do here, whatever tickles your fancy on holiday Cape Town probably has it – get active on the city’s towering Table Mountain, explore the colourful houses of Bo Kaap and say hi to Cape Town’s feathery friends at the world famous Boulders Beach. Simply put, Cape Town has just about something for everyone. 

Once you’ve had your fill of Cape Town’s unique experiences, it’s officially wine o’clock. You’ll head out of the city and into Stellenbosch, South Africa’s second oldest town. It’s here that you’ll taste some of South Africa’s finest world-class wines while exploring the picturesque vineyards and enjoying the delicious local cuisine on offer. Stellenbosch is also so much more than your typical wine estate. With a bustling atmosphere in the centre of the town and numerous Dutch-colonial style buildings waiting to be explored, it’s practically impossible to get bored here. 

On the final leg of your multi-destination holiday, you’ll head to Kruger National Park where you’ll end your South African holiday in style as you gear up in your khakis and head out into one of Africa’s largest national parks. Your three days at Kruger will be about nothing less than spotting Africa’s Big Five and their underdogs by day and indulging in delicious local cuisine and chilling out by the campfires by night. And no, we won’t judge when you boast all about it on social media – it’s just what you do after a safari. 

three penguins walking in boulders beach

Classic Sri Lanka 

Last but certainly not least, it’s our Classic Sri Lanka itinerary. This multi-destination holiday will see you cover Sri Lanka’s iconic attractions in Habarana, take on its sweeping mountain scenery in Kandy and get your beach on in Bentota.

Your itinerary will start in Habarana. Although this town is of little interest to tourists itself, it serves as the gateway to Sri Lanka’s ancient wonders and Minneriya National Park where you’ll spend your first day. You’ll start off by visiting Sigiriya Rock and the Dambulla Caves as you gain an insight into Sri Lanka’s ancient civilisations, culture and religion before venturing further to Minneriya National Park where you’ll get your safari on, Sri Lankan style – think everything from elephants and sloth bears to prowling leopards.

After a busy few days of exploring Sri Lanka’s colourful history and wildlife, you’ll continue your multi-destination holiday in Kandy. Nestled in the rolling  hills and jungles of Sri Lanka Kandy is brimming with natural beauty, bustling street life and colonial-style architecture making for an exciting contrast of calm and chaos. Kandy is also home to one of Sri Lanka’s most major attractions; the Temple of the Tooth where you can marvel at Buddhist shrines and museums before heading outside to soak up the views of Kandy’s serene lake. 

Anyone who has been on a multi-destination holiday before knows the ultimate way to end this kind of holiday is by lazing around at the beach. Introducing Bentota. This small beach resort is ringed with lush vegetation and has surprisingly been untouched by mass tourism meaning you’re pretty much guaranteed pure serenity – relax with a book on the beach, get active with water sports or take a dip in Bentota Ganga’s sweeping lagoon before indulging in fresh, local seafood and traditional curries before it’s time to head back home. 

view of large rock and surrounding landscape in sigiriya sri lanka

Each itinerary comes with classic accommodation and a few base activities included in the price. At Meraki you can add more experiences to your multi-destination holiday and you can upgrade your accommodation to match whichever standard you fancy. If you like the look of the holiday as it already is, simply book it as you see it and let the holiday countdown begin!  So what are you waiting for? 

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