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Introducing the Meraki Travel Experience Packs

What is an Experience Pack?

1 June 2019 by Matt Hodgson

There are certain experiences that everyone does when in some holiday destinations. Think visit the Taj Mahal in Agra or go up the cable car to Table Mountain in Cape Town – they are iconic, they are essential and everyone who goes there does the same experience. What is more varied is how people book these experiences – you have a few options:

Option 1 - Group Tour

Option 1 is fine for some. It guarantees you will tick the highlights off your list. But it does mean you are on a fixed itinerary and always part of a group. You have to travel at the speed of the group - and you might not get on with everyone!

Option 2 - Organise it yourself before you go

Option 2 is much more flexible and means you know you have the key elements pre-arranged and pre-paid. But organising day tours remotely can be a challenge. It means contacting lots of different companies, often located in different time zones. It also comes with some risk as you can never be 100% sure of the quality.

Option 3 - Book it all locally when you get there

Option 3 also gives you lots of flexibility but it comes with its own risks. You may end up spending the first day of your holiday booking excursions or you may risk missing out or having to compromise locally. Some of the most iconic experiences get booked up a long time in advance.

Just so you know – Option 3 is what the vast majority of people do. They assume they can book the excursions and experiences locally. That often works out fine – but as we have said it comes with a risk and will definitely eat into your valuable holiday time!

So what is our solution? Well, we have worked with the best local tour operators to pick the must see experiences. We have bundled these up into our Base Experience packs – and then included them all in the price of the Base Itinerary. Simple. This way you know when you choose any of our itineraries and add in any additional stops you are always going to have the must see experiences included.

All experiences are PRIVATE and come with an English speaking local expert guide, all entrance fees are pre-paid and bookings made in advance.

OK – so we have ticked off the must see experiences – but what about all of those less known about and special experiences that turn your holiday from great into extraordinary?

We have drilled into our wealth of personal travel experience and mined our local agents for information to pick out the very best of the rest. We have then packaged these experiences together by theme and offered them as additional packs to your holiday. Are you Active or Foodie – do you love Culture or Wildlife? Then we have the pack for you!

But wait I hear you cry! I am Active and Foodie and my partner loves Wildlife – how are we supposed to choose? Well you don’t have to and that’s the clever bit. All of our holidays have been carefully designed to include the base experiences but also allow enough spare time to include all of the other experiences too. So – if you’re an active foodie who loves culture and wildlife we still have just the pack for you. Add one pack, two pack or add them all – the choice is yours! And if you want time to explore under your own steam then you know you have the must see experiences booked and plenty of free time to explore.

The last thing to tell you about is our very special Once in a Lifetime packs. These are the experiences that push the boat out. That doesn’t always mean they are expensive but they are all very special.

Meraki travel Experience Packs are all about personalisation and customisation – YOU are the best person to build YOUR holiday – we just give you the tools to do it!

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