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Introducing the Meraki Travel experience packs

What is an experience pack?

There are particular experiences that are must-do in every holiday destination - these are probably what lured you to them in the first place. A visit to Agra is incomplete without a glimpse of the Taj Mahal at sunrise, and you'd want to walk a piece of the Great Wall of China when in Beijing. What can be challenging is booking these experiences and finding other experiences in destination that will make your stay more special, more you.

Base experiences

Planning a holiday can be a fun but daunting time. You know you want to cover all the must-sees and must-dos but how do you actually go about organising your time, arranging the excursions and booking your tickets? 

Our travel experts have worked with the best local tour operators to pick the not-to-be-missed experiences. These are our base experiences, and they come as standard in our itineraries. Pre-paid, pre-booked, and built into your stay. Simple.

Here's a flavour of our included experiences:

Terracotta Army & Big Goose Pagoda - Xian, China

An ancient city steeped in history, Xian arguably boasts some of China’s finest sights and you’ll be taking in its most iconic on this guided tour. Starting with what many have dubbed as the best archaeological find of the 20th century, the frozen underground army of thousands that makes up the 2,200 year old Terracotta Army provides one of the greatest insights into ancient China that we have to date. After exploring the three pits that make up this quirky mausoleum, you’ll be driven to the Big Goose Pagoda, to learn the ins and outs of the city’s most important Buddhist site. Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, lunch is included too. 

Ngorongoro Crater Tour - Ngorongoro, Tanzania

Nicknamed the eighth wonder of the world, the famous Ngorongoro Crater is known for its scenic beauty, surreal environment and diverse wildlife. 264 square kilometres wide and 600 metres high, this imposing volcano was created when it busted with fire-like lava centuries ago. These high walls create a natural barrier to poachers and as a result, you may be lucky enough to see the endangered black rhino. Other animals are less tricky to spot, watch as herds of game gather to graze on the lush grasslands and quench their thirst in permanent water points found on the crater floor. Elsewhere, lion prides bask in the sun, elephants graze in the grasslands and flamingos wade through the water.

Experience packs

You've got all your base experiences covered and a good amount of free time remaining in each stop. What else do you want to do? Lounge by the pool, explore under your own steam or add in more experiences that are less about the highlights and more about your own interests? If you're thinking the latter then our additional experience packs have been created with you in mind. These are our carefully curated packs put together by our culturally-curious, food-feasting, adventure-loving, wow-seeking travel experts and local agents. And they've been designed to turn your holiday from great into extraordinary.

Each experience pack follows a theme and contains at least one experience depending on the length or your holiday. We cover a range of themes including Active, Foodie, Culture, Authentic, Wildlife and Once-in-a-Lifetime. And the best part, you can add as few or as many as you like - there's space for all of them in our itineraries - you may just have to give up some of that pool time we talked about earlier.

Here's a selection of our favourite add-on experiences:

Foodie - Cape Malay Cooking Class - Cape Town, South Africa

Discover the cultural and culinary traditions of one of Africa’s oldest communities - the Cape Malays. Your afternoon starts with a walking tour of Bo-Kaap, a Heritage Protected area of bright colourful houses, cobbled streets and historic mosques located on the slopes of Signal Hill. You’ll visit a Community Empowerment Project, the popular spice shop and the Bo-Kaap Museum before being taken to the home of a local resident - Zainie. Zainie will introduce you to her religious, cultural and culinary background and teach you some of her favourite dishes - samosas, roti and chicken or veg curry. And yes - you’ll get to taste it too!

Authentic - Mumbai By Dawn - Mumbai, India 

Experience Mumbai when it’s at its most alive - at the break of dawn. On this tour, you’ll get the unique chance to see the city wake up and experience the street life bursting into action. See how the morning newspapers are distributed, watch locals haggle with wholesale produce vendors and feel the buzz of the vegetable and flower markets as they get ready for the day ahead. Your tour continues to the Sassoon Docks, where you’ll see how tonnes of fish enters the city every day. From the bread-boys fetching fresh loafs to the milkmen balancing craters on their bikes, you’ll soon understand why Mumbai is famous for its ceaseless energy. 

Once in a lifetime - Hot Air Ballooning - Habarana, Sri Lanka 

It doesn’t get more once in a lifetime than a hot air balloon ride, especially when said balloon ride is journeying over the lush wilds of a Sri Lankan jungle. Spot elephants trampling through thick forests, buffaloes roaming ever-green paddy fields and monkeys making mischief down below, as you float blissfully through the air. Taking off from Dambulla – in the country’s cultural triangle – remember to keep your eyes peeled for the iconic Sigiriya Rock and of course, once back on the ground, toast to a morning well spent with a cold glass of bubbly. This isn’t any old experience, that’s for sure. 

When you're ready to start having some fun customising your own holiday, explore our holidays and have a look at all the optional add-ons.

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