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Busting myths with Roxanne

Is the Delhi Belly myth true?

I’ll be honest, I’ve never fancied India because I always worried about getting ‘Delhi Belly’ which is silly for someone who is pretty well travelled. I couldn’t tell you why it was just India that worried me about this when other destinations are renowned for the dreaded upset stomach.

So my trip was booked and I spent a little time speaking to friends and family who have travelled to India and what worked for them when wanting to eat the local food and enjoy myself without worrying. It was actually speaking with the local’s that really helped me relax and really enjoy the food.

My top tips:


Now everyone says drink enough water, about 2 litres a day and it should be bottled water, this is not going to be any different advice. Though my advice goes a little further;

·       Brush your teeth with bottled water

·       Be mindful that salads may not have been washed in filtered/bottled water

·       Avoid ice whilst most bottled water you can order room temperature of cold

Hand Sanitiser

Always keep a bottle or wipes close to hand, as we know bacteria spreads and it's always best to keep those hands fresh and clean especially after handling the local money


The big thing to try in India is street food, there are so many vendors around at the side of the roads and there are some popular spots. If you want to try out some delicious local delights, head to a spot that has a queue, this is a good sign as it probably means the food is prepped and served quickly giving it time to go bad.

When in India, you will be trying a curry or two – you have to try a mushroom tikka masala, yummy! Anyways, a curry that is ‘saucy’ will be delicious but they use different oils, be mindful that this may not agree with your stomach if you jump straight in. Start with a drier curry and work your way up to those saucy curries as your holiday progresses.

Something to keep your stomach balanced throughout your trip, for breakfast a good helping of natural plain yogurt or a Lassi is great way to do this. These have good bacteria helping to keep you healthy and on track.

The final thing for me, I can’t promise the above will avoid an upset so it is always a good idea to pack some pain killers, rehydration sachets and some dissolvable anti-diarrhoea tablets.

India was one of the most fascinating, beautiful and amazing destinations I have every travelled too. My only disappointment, leaving it so long to visit! Oh and I never got ‘Delhi Belly’ when in India

By Roxanne Howard, Product & Operations Senior Executive

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