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Yep, it can be done that fast.

How to tailor and book a long-haul, multi-stop holiday in under an hour

We’ve all been there, staring at a blank computer screen after hours and hours of research wondering why we can’t seem to make much progress. It’s called choice paralysis, my friends. With so many incredible destinations to travel to, so many things to do in each place and so many different types of accommodation to choose from, planning even just a two week holiday can seem extremely daunting and can end up being very time consuming. In fact, we’ve found that a whopping 43% of you believe that it’s hard to make a final holiday decision because there’s too much choice and 26% of you have even given up on planning a holiday because it was so overwhelming! about a platform that has done all the hard work for you? Our talented product team have done a shed load of research and created some pretty damn cool holidays. They’ve picked the best destinations, the most iconic and unique places to see within each destination, the coolest things to do when you’re there and the best places to stay. Behind the scenes of our website, we literally have tens of thousands of possible holiday variations for you to choose from, but fear not because we’ve broken them down into manageable chunks so that you can tailor your holiday by destinations, price, personal interests and accommodation preferences. Sounds pretty good, right? Well..what if you could do all of this and book it all in one place, in less than an hour? Welcome to Meraki Travel. 

So just how easy is it?

Explore holidays

We’ve created between two and six unforgettable holidays per destination - if you like the sweet and simple things in life then you can simply pick one of our holidays right off the shelf and book it there and then. No additional planning required, our holidays include all of the essentials in the price - transfers, our classic accommodation, the must-do experiences, the guides and entry fees where needed and a selection of meals. So really, if you didn’t fancy adding any more extra locations, experiences and were happy with classic accommodation, you could pretty much book a holiday in around 6 clicks of your mouse. How’s that for easy peasy lemon squeezy?

Tailor your itinerary

If you’re all about the personalisation and want to get the most out of your holiday, simply dive into the itinerary of your chosen holiday, get customising and make it your own. Start with extra stops..perhaps a few days in the South African winelands, a cultural escape in the Himilayan foothills, an East African safari or maybe a luxurious beach break in Mauritius? Each itinerary will have up to five stops for you to choose from so you can make your holiday as big or as small as you like. 

Next, add extra experiences to suit your interests. Food fanatic? How about a food tour by tuk tuk? Active explorer? How about a cycling tour of Cape Town? Culture vulture? Maybe a visit to the Himalayas to experience Tibetan culture tickles your fancy? Each experience has been hand picked to ensure there’s something to suit every type of traveller - they’ve also been designed to fit together within your free time so you can add as many as you like. Next, it comes to choosing your accommodation. You can choose to stick with our classic options - these are great value properties in excellent locations, or you can upgrade to character, premium or luxury hotels and they’re pretty awesome - think everything from small, quirky and independent properties packed with charm and originality to full blown luxury hotels which could even be described as a destination in themselves. Check out our blog which explains what makes a Meraki hotel here


International flights

When it comes to your flights, again it’s up to you what you choose. We’ll recommend the best value fare to you during your selection, taking into consideration the best combination of price, stopovers and landing times. Prefer to use those air mile points or arrange flights yourself? No problem, international flights are completely optional. 

Price and booking

One of the most handy things about our website is that you can watch the guide price of your holiday change as you add or remove experiences, upgrade your accommodation and choose your flights - this way you can be sure to stick to your budget and avoid getting carried away! When you’re ready to book, simply enter your dates into the website and you’ll be given a final, live price. At this point, you can opt to book and get that all important holiday countdown started. Or, if you’re not 100% sure yet you can simply save the holiday or share it with your travel companion to get their approval. And when you do finally book, you’ll receive a final confirmation of your holiday within 72 hours and you’ll be able to manage your booking online, 24/7.

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