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There's never been a better time

Five reasons now is the best time to fly long-haul

There are all sorts of holidays - staycations, city breaks, fly & flops - and we love them all but at Meraki Travel, we’re all about the unforgettable, long-haul, multi-stop holidays. And it’s good news all round because it’s officially the best time to book one. So from Brexit to the next best thing in bespoke travel (hint, it’s us) and everything else in between, here are our top five reasons as to why now is the best time to fly long-haul. 

A weak pound 

Ah, Brexit, shaking up the travel industry in the only way it knows how: shed loads of uncertainty and low exchange rates. Yep, holidaying in Europe is practically getting more and more expensive by the day - gone are the golden days when a beer in Europe cost us all but £1. But fear not holiday lovers because there are still plenty of incredible countries where the pound is strong and where you can get even more than your money’s worth - Sri Lanka, South Africa and India to name a few. Simply put, this means that holidaying long-haul is the way to go for bargain beer and world-class wine that can often be purchased for less than water. Oh, and this time it’ll be sipped on an unspoiled, tropical beach or a world famous national park after a day of immense exploring. So, if you’ve been looking for an excuse to travel long-haul and discover the world for a while, this is your excuse. 

Winter sun

It’s officially winter which means the days are getting shorter and colder. Who knows, maybe you’re a red nose, cold toes kinda’ person but for us sun babies it’s getting to that time of the year where we’re beginning to dream endlessly of long summer days and alfresco dining. And yep, you guessed it, travelling long-haul opens you up to year round summer destinations - it’s always 30 degrees somewhere! Think safaris in South Africa, heritage tours in India and unspoiled beaches in Sri Lanka. Nothing beats a tan in Jan.


Long-haul travel is more accessible than ever. More routes, shorter flights and low-cost airlines have created easier access to the world. Many of our destinations can be flown to for less than £500 outside of peak and many are vaccination and visa free or easy to arrange. In-destination, you’ll be surprised by how much the world is changing, English is widely spoken within tourism and wi-fi can be found in almost every restaurant, bar and hotel. Far from this impacting on culture and traditions, it’s opened up a world of local experiences and guides who are eager to share their stories with you. 

Discover Something New

If you’ve ever travelled long-haul before, you’ll understand the sheer magic of discovering new countries, their cultures and their wonderful people. And if you haven’t, oh what a treat you’re in for. You’ll never forget your first safari, or the time you took part in sunrise yoga at the Taj Mahal (yes, that’s a thing), or the time you first witnessed the mighty roar of Victoria Falls. We love long-haul travel at Meraki and one thing we can all agree on is the “wow” feeling you get when you experience something so magnificent and unique for the first time. But beware, the struggle of that famous travel bug is real and we’ll accept no responsibility for your new travel addiction. Ok, maybe we will, but only because our holidays are the bees knees.

It’s never been easier

At Meraki Travel, we’ve created a website that makes booking a long-haul, multi-stop holiday easier than ever. Gone are the days spending weeks trawling endless lists of hotels and experiences, then painfully trying to stitch it altogether to something that resembles a stress-free holiday - we’ve done all the research and curated a list of options for you. Simply choose one of our unforgettable holidays and tailor it until it’s the perfect holiday for you. You can add extra locations, experiences and upgrade your accommodation to suit your budget and style. Transfers are all included and you can opt to add international flights in too. Remember, you’re in control here. Oh, and it can all be tailored and booked in under an hour. Simples.  

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