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Why you should go on a self-drive holiday to Canada

Ah, Canada. Famous for its array of postcard perfect national parks, bustling cities and (most importantly) maple syrup. This is the country that should definitely be next up on your bucket list. Boasting the title of the second largest country in the world, there are an abundance of incredible places you should be visiting while you’re visiting this incredible country meaning you’ll need to find the most efficient way to see all the best bits. This is exactly why we recommend that you opt for a Western Canada self-drive tour for your next holiday – not only will it put you in control of your own itinerary and give you lots of flexibility, it’s quite simply the best way to see some of Canada’s biggest attractions such as The Rocky Mountains and Icefields Parkway. So, if you’re interested in a Canada self-drive tour but can’t quite decide if it’s the holiday for you, have a read of this article and you’ll be sure to change your mind.


The best part about a Canada self-drive holiday is that it enables you to be extremely flexible. It’s a given that you’re going to come across some of the most breath-taking landscapes in the world throughout your time in Western Canada and how much of a shame would it be if you were stuck on a tour bus that just drove past something that you wanted to pull over and have a look at?! As with all Canada self-drive holidays, having your own car will enable you to make as many mini detours as you’d like along the way and enable you to stay there for as little or as long as you’d like without having to fit in with other travellers.  You also won’t have to worry about missing any transport that you might have booked – so if you want those extra five minutes in bed, go on, no one’s stopping you here. 

A Canada self-drive tour is the best way to see the famous Icefields Parkway

No trip to Western Canada is compete without a trip across Icefields Parkway. If you haven’t already heard of it, this is just about one of the most beautiful road trips. In the world. This 200 km stretch of road stretches from Banff to Jasper (or the other way round) and boasts over 100 ancient glaciers and countless jaw-dropping stop-overs on route meaning you’re going to need the flexibility that comes with having your own car to really make the most of it. From countless glassy lakes, gushing waterfalls and snow covered peaks to meandering wildlife and dense pine forests,  a Canada self-drive tour is hands down the best way to see all of this and in the age of social media boast posts, you’ll need all the flexibility you can get to pull over and get that all important shot to make your friends and family jealous with. If you’re interested in some of the best stops along Icefields Parkway, take a read of our blog “The Ultimate Icefields Parkway Road Trip”.

Get off the beaten track 

Having the flexibility of your own car also means that you’ll have more time to escape the tourist traps and get off the beaten track and there’s arguably no better place to do this than across The Rocky Mountains. Icefields Parkway is full to the brim of incredible hiking options which range from short and easy tourist traps to long and difficult hidden gems and if you find a spot that looks worthy of an explore (which you definitely will) you’ll thank yourself for giving yourself the option to pull the car over and go and check it out at your own pace. You’ll also have the opportunity to discover the more charming sides of Canada’s bustling cities such as the picturesque streets of Gastown and boutiques of Main St in Vancouver’s enchanting neighbourhoods. Simply put, opting for a Canada self-drive tour means you’ll get a hell of a load more out of your holiday.

Greater comfort and privacy 

With your own car comes your own space, privacy and comfort and seriously, who doesn’t want that? More leg space, tick. 80’s playlist blaring on the speakers, double tick. And hey, if you wanted to take your shoes off after a long hike, no one’s judging you here. For those of you love birds on a couples holiday, a Canada self-drive tour will also give you all the privacy you should want when travelling from A to B because let’s be honest, too much PDA on a tour bus is a no-go.  

It’s easy

If you choose a Canada self-drive tour with Meraki Travel, you can rest assured that the essentials of your holiday will be sorted for you and all the good stuff will be included. Must-sees? Yep. Accommodation? Yep. Experiences. Yup. And you’ll get all of this with the flexibility that comes with having your own car so you can make your holiday as adventurous as you’d like. If you choose our Rocky Road Trip itinerary, your trip will start in cosmopolitan Calgary before heading to Banff and Jasper National Parks, onto Sun Peaks and ending in Vancouver. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous you can add in extra stops to mountainous Whistler and charming Victoria too. All you have to do is get yourself from A to B when you’re ready. 

If you want the flexibility that comes with a self-drive tour but you don’t want to drive the entire time, why not opt for our Rocky Mountaineer Explorer itinerary? Instead of continuing your journey to Vancouver in the car via Sun Peaks, you’ll hop on The Rocky Mountaineer Train at Jasper National Park and continue your journey to Vancouver via Kamloops where you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the views of The Rocky Mountains while someone else does the driving for you. That sounds like a win to us! 

So, does a fly drive Canada holiday tickle your fancy? 

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