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Explore India on two wheels
Cycling Tours in India

A cycling tour allows you to soak up the sights at your own pace and really immerse yourself in a destination.

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India with Meraki Travel
Five reasons why you should travel to India with Meraki Travel

If the Earth’s the body, then India is the soul - a land of spirituality, contrasts and rich culture.

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India wildlife tours with Meraki Travel
Top four safaris and wildlife experiences in India

If you’re looking to track a tiger or tail an elephant, India is the place to go.

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India Festivals - Mumbai
Mumbai’s Top Three Festivals

Mumbai, the land of dreams and buzzing energy. Flooded with filmmakers, labourers, fishermen, artists and servants, they do know how to celebrate amongst all that chaos.

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India food stories
India’s most Instagrammable food

Dreamy mountain vistas and palm-fringed beaches aside, India’s food was made for the camera lens.

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India Hikes - Trekking In India
India's Top Five Treks

Leave the sights, smells and sounds of the hectic cities behind you and there is a whole lot of lesser-trodden land just waiting to be explored.

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India's Happy Festival

Forget the bindis, glitter and trudging through heaps of mud at Glastonbury and say hello to Holi!

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