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Palolem Beach, Goa

Paradise found. When it comes to picture perfect (or should we say ultra Instagramable), Palolem Beach is a must for every beach holiday to Goa. With a reputation for being one of the state’s most beautiful beaches (a title not given lightly), this stretch of coastline more than lives up to the hype. The bay is formed in a natural half-moon, so stand on either end of the beach and take in the entire scene: an almost mile-long stretch of sand that overlooks clear and calm waters. Framed by coconut palms, a crop of brightly coloured huts sits underneath the trees, home to local fishermen, traders and travellers alike (not to mention bars and restaurants). 

Famed for its outstanding beauty and once-untouched shores, Palolem Beach has long been a favourite for travellers in the know, looking for the ultimate sun, sea and sand holidays. So it will come as no surprise to hear that, of Goa’s beaches, it has the longest history of tourism. Luxury Palolem beach resorts are now plentiful, but while it may be more developed than it once was, it has lost none of its natural charms and is still a firm favourite stop in many tours of Goa.

Enjoy the relaxed vibes and spectacular views, or the slightly livelier atmosphere centring on the Palolem beach huts, should you want to take advantage.

Why add Palolem Beach to your Itinerary

Peaceful and picturesque, but with plenty going on for those who want it, Palolem Beach is the perfect answer for beach-lovers. 

Those looking to take advantage of the laid-back vibe Goa is known for can easily find it. Head away from the hustle and bustle and there are plenty of secluded spots on either end of the shore, which happen to be the perfect vantage points for watching the sunset. 

At the north end of Palolem Beach, you’ll find the shallowest water and a freshwater stream. 

The beach gradually slopes into the sea and the sheltered and shallow waters make this a perfect swimming spot. There are also water sports to take advantage of, or you can head out for a dolphin-spotting trip on one of the local’s fishing boats. If you’re after something a bit livelier, the beach huts deliver. Here, you can find some of the best Palolem Beach accommodation and plenty to eat and drink, including mouthwatering, freshly caught seafood we dare you not to be tempted by. For bargain hunters, the market that sits on the sand is not to be missed.

There’s a reason why Palolem Beach remains a favourite, so if you find yourself with spare time, why not make your own way there?

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Palolem Beach essential information


South Goa. Jump on the train to Margao or take the scenic route on one of Goa’s state transport buses, from Margao bus stand to Palolem Beach. From there, you can explore the area on foot or take one of the taxis or rickshaws that are available in the main street.

Opening times

Swim and sunbathe throughout the day, catch the sunset and watch the crabs come out once the sun goes down – there’s always something to be enjoyed.

The best time to go is in the winter, from November to March. You’ll find the best weather, calm seas, but more tourists. There are more bargains to be found in April and October, but it’s much hotter, tourist attractions may close and the sea might be too rough for swimming and boat trips. May to September is the low season and brings with it monsoons. You’ll get more of the ‘authentic Goan experience’, but many tourist operations close during this time.

Dress code

Dress for the heat and the beach with light layers and swimwear.

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