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Things To Do In Agra

The Taj Mahal is the main event. This time, believe the hype. The ivory-white mausoleum on the bank of the Yamuna river rises imposingly yet tastefully towards the sky and will blow you away. The tomb has a history that matches its mystique. Built in 1632 by the hopelessly mourning Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife, it’s said that he cut off the hands of his craftsmen after they’d finished, to ensure no building was ever built as beautiful again. A drastic – but effective – measure. 

Visit the Taj at sunrise to dodge the crowds and watch the sun burn through the clouds and illuminate this pearly building. And, if you’re feeling energised, don your Lycra and try a yoga class with a view like no other, just 150m away from the Taj.  

Other must-sees are Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. The fort is a stunning combination of marble pillars, ornate archways and beautifully mirrored rooms that’ll have you mentally redesigning your own home. The abandoned city of Fatehpur Sikri, which you can visit from Agra, is fascinating and chilling in equal measures. 

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Experiences and attractions in Agra

Taj Mahal

One of the world’s seven wonders – and rightly so – and India’s greatest treasure, the Taj Mahal is steeped in romance.

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Agra Fort

Closer to a walled city than a fortress, Agra Fort's striking red sandstone walls hide a complex of mosques, underground vaults, and stunning palaces and gardens that were once home to the emperors of the Mughal Dynasty.

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Fatehpur Sikri

Filled with palaces, temples and mosques, Fatehpur Sikri is an enduring testament to the emperor’s architectural prowess – a mesh of Islamic and Hindu influences and styles, fed by Akbar’s love of culture, literature and art.

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