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How it works

The rumours are true, you no longer need to tear your hair out trawling through lists of hotels, working out how on earth you’re going to get from A to B, keeping track of confirmation emails and wasting precious exploration time booking experiences on arrival – when savvy travellers like yourselves call for a dream holiday, Meraki Travel is the answer. The revolutionary (and in our minds, only) way to travel.

Forget package deals and endless phone calls with pushy sales consultants, this is a bucket-list holiday planned by you and organised for you, all using our intuitive website. Sit back, relax and hit play to find out more.

So you’ve come to an agreement on the destination. After much discussion it came down to a rock-paper-scissors job, but let’s face it you’re off on the holiday of a lifetime so no one is a loser in this scenario.

Now it’s time to get your teeth into the logistics – don’t worry we’ve done the hard parts for you, you’ve just got to pick one incredible adventure over another. Nope, we don’t envy you.

  1. Select your base itinerary. From classic routes of the country’s core to alternative highlights, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

  2. Make your holiday your own by adding locations. Not enough beach time in the base package? Add on a good ol’ sun, sea and sand spot. In it for the wildlife? Tailor some wilder regions into your trip.

  3. Next up: choose your accommodation level. From no-frills to full on luxury living, we know that everyone has a preference, so we’ve left this one up you.

  4. Travel is all about the experiences right? Whether you’d like to taste your way around India with a ‘Foodie’ pack or get ‘Active’ in South Africa, you can opt to add on one of our experience packs to make your holiday a little more you.

  5. Standard pace is the default, but if you have a bit more time on your hands and fancy spending longer getting to know each location, you can choose ‘relaxed’ pace at this point.

  6. Itinerary successfully assembled, make sure to save it to ‘My Meraki’ where it can be edited at a later date if needs be.

  7. Annual leave sorted? Ready to book? Simply login to ‘My Meraki’ and select the date that you’d like your trip to depart.

  8. Depending on your date, we’ll recommend flights for you – but you can always upgrade or change them at this stage.

This is it! Once your payment goes through you’ll receive your confirmation details and, well, you’ll be off on your jollies before you know it.

Now, that was easy wasn’t it? Because we think that booking your trip should be half of the fun. So what are you waiting for? This is your holiday done your way – get planning now.

Sound good?

Then go ahead and choose a country for your next big adventure

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