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The best attractions & experiences in Yangtze River

The number one attraction here is the river itself, which is precisely why a cruise makes sense. Rather than a destination, Yangtze is a journey. And boy, what a journey.

Expect to awake, bleary eyed, to jaw-dropping surrounds of the Yangtze’s middle reaches – your morning coffee has never looked the same – before loosening your limbs and preparing for the day with a spot of Tai Chi on the deck. It’s everything that you dreamed of when wanting to explore spiritual China, surely?

But off of the boat there’s plenty to explore too. Perhaps the most mysterious of which is the enigmatically named Fengdu Ghost City. Here, on Ming Mountain, lies a complex of monasteries and temples dedicated to the afterlife – and all boasting fairly horrifying names. A culture shock it may be, but this is one of the best insights into Chinese tradition that you’ll find in the region.

And from a landmark that’s 2000 years old to one that’s less than 20, another favourite stop on this journey is the Three Gorges Dam. Smashing records left, right and centre, the dam is quite a modern force to be reckoned with – prepare your ears because the water likes to crash here.

The beauty of cruises? They sure know how to look after you. Opt to add a Yangtze cruise on to your trip and you’ll get a host of activities included in your journey down this jaw-dropping river. Head over to our itinerary builder now to find out a bit more about what you can expect.

Experiences and attractions in Yangtze River

Fengdu Ghost City

A key stop on any Yangtze River cruise, Fengdu Ghost City is not for the faint hearted. Peppered with shrines, temples and monasteries, as well as artistic depictions of ghosts, devils and generally quite disturbing afterlife imagery, this is the ultimate pitstop when it comes to taking in China’s quirky history.

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Three Gorges Dam

Holding the record as the longest ‘building’ – or architectural structure as is were – in the world, the Three Gorges Dam is quite the engineering marvel. Born out of necessity, to make the most beautiful but also the most treacherous parts of the spectacular Yangtze River passable, the dam is now a key source of tourism in its own right.

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