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Tailor Made Holidays To Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an iconic skyline. Forefronted by the glitzy Victoria Harbour and homing skyscrapers galore, this is a chock-a-block city known for its gleaming edifices, fancy shopping malls and chaotic vibrancy. But look beyond the fact that Hong Kong boasts the highest concentration of dizzying tower blocks in the world, and you’ll find a different side to this enigmatic destination. Because beyond the urban jungle lies an actual jungle, a sumptuous backdrop of oxygenating undulations that make up three quarters of the island’s topography – the man-made spectacles may draw the crowds, but it’s Mother Natures’ work that keep them coming back.

With its storied background as a former British colony and current status as a Special Administrative Region of China, in Hong Kong east really does meet west. The mishmash of Chinese and British influences can be found across the city’s myriad attractions. High-end European boutiques and Michelin-star restaurants lie within steps of their more traditional counterparts of night markets and mouth watering Chinese cuisine. And, its large expat population is indicative of how Hong Kong isn’t just a sought-after holiday spot, but one of the world’s most liveable cities too. You may want to share that fact with your family and friends – just in case you decide not to come home.

And then there’s the food. Home to some of the best street food in Asia, Hong Kong will be sure to win your heart. If your go-to weekend takeaway is a Chinese, you’re obviously in the right place. But even if it’s not, Hong Kong’s varied culinary scene will be sure to tickle those taste buds – think everything from curry fish balls to portuguese style egg tarts. But it’s trying your way through the various freshly steamed dim sum offerings that is practically mandatory and there’s no better place to do so than at a dai pai dong – a.k.a. any one of the city’s many open-air food stalls. Oh, and maybe get some chopstick practise in before your trip, you don’t want to be that guy.

Get out of the frenetic dai pai dongs, knock-off markets, glitzy malls and showy harbour of the mega city that never sleeps however, and you’ll come across a whole host of land that time forgot. Secret, white-sand bays, floating fishing villages and traditional taoist temples make up the lesser-known side of one of the world’s busiest financial hubs. But in a destination of contrasts and contradictions, one thing’s for sure: Hong Kong will enthrall.

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Experiences and attractions in Hong Kong

Showcasing the height of modernity and yet steeped in tradition, Hong Kong is a metropolis that truly has something for everyone. From shiny shopping malls and cloud reaching tower blocks to hidden white-sand bays and picturesque hikes, this isn’t your average stopover destination.

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Aberdeen Harbour

A far cry from its Scottish port town namesake, this harbour epitomises Hong Kong’s mishmashed culture and contemporary collisions. Highrises rear their modern heads over a busy fishing harbour made up of traditional junks and tourist luring sampans – here, you’ll find everything from floating restaurants to floating markets.

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Repulse Bay

Repulse by name but certainly not repulse by nature, this bay is where it’s happening according to China’s in-the-know billionaires. Featuring a smattering of Hong Kong’s trademark swanky skyscrapers backdropped by picturesque undulations and skirted by powder white sands, say hello to the islands most popular beach resort. Think glitz, glamour and a distinctly trendy buzz.

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Tai Long Wan

A hidden gem, Hong Kong’s best kept secret and all the other cliches that you can think of. Yep, we’re going there, because Tai Long Wan is worthy of them all. This coastline, comprised of four white-sand bays is the side to the skyscraper island that you don’t hear about – a tranquil escape from Hong Kong city’s madness awaits.

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Victoria Harbour

Welcome to the heart and soul of Hong Kong, a.k.a. Victoria Harbour. A sight that you’re 99.9% sure to already be familiar with, this is a landmark that won’t disappoint. Managing to have more of a wow factor in person than in pictures, Hong Kong’s headline act really is quite something. From its nightly Symphony of Lights show to the neon buzz that sums up this destination as a whole.

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Hong Kong inspiration

Half jungled forests and half jungled tower blocks, Hong Kong is a diverse destination that has long intrigued savvy travellers. But, often overlooked as a mere stopover when en route Down Under, this mega city and its more remote island delights is a must-see in its own right. Want to know more? Have a little peep at our blogs. Go on, you know you want to.

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