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Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler

Blackcomb is a beauty. Often overlooked in favour of its headline-stealing neighbour, this peak actually does half of the work when it comes to making Whistler the unparalleled, world-renowned ski resort that it is. You see, it’s not just Whistler’s powdered slopes that are popular with snow-sports fanatics, but Blackcomb’s too. And a visit during summer will reveal a whole host of this mountain’s other myriad charms.

Filling in for winter’s rolling blanket of white is the carpet of wildflower peppered verdure that comes to life when the snow makes its final goodbyes. And there’s no better way to explore these grassy slopes than by donning those trusty walking boots and putting your glutes to work with a hike. Lush forests meet wild open spaces, valleys home cyan lakes that need no filter and craggy viewpoints will open up your eyes to the sheer splendour and downright enormity of the planet that we call home. Make sure to sit and soak it all in, because Blackcomb’s views are the kind that will melt all your troubles away.

why add Blackcomb Mountain to your itinerary

Packed full to the brim of unabashed natural wonder and showcasing greens in every shade possible, Blackcomb is what alpine dreams are made of. Take the Peak 2 Peak gondola to pair Whistler’s famous slopes with the beauty of Blackcomb – the see-through floor panels mean that you can’t possibly miss a thing.

If you make it for the summer-shoulder season (May-June), you’ll witness the incredible feat that is the summer snow walls. Every year, the resort carves walking paths out of the several metres of snow that remain on the grounds so that you can hike with a bit of a difference.

And, if you’re yearning after some real winter snowsports fun, you can always head up to Blackcomb’s Horstman Glacier for some summer skiing – yep, really. It’s completely weather dependent and just relies on the sun not being too strong. As one of the world’s best ski resorts it would be rude not to, surely?

But it’s not all about the snow, or even the evergreen summer setting. Forget running through fields – like Theresa May when she’s feeling naughty – real wild abandon means skipping through stretch upon stretch of unruly wildflowers on the kaleidoscopic summer slopes of this dramatic mountain. And when you can steal yourself away from all that reckless fun, make sure to stop and soak in the incredible views. If there’s anything that Canada does well, it’s natural beauty. The instagram opportunities are not only epic, but endless.

Blackcomb Mountain essential information


Right next to Whistler, its more famed other-half.

Opening times

Times depend on whether you are planning on using the gondola to get up and down the mountain and this will vary depending on the dates that you’re in the area.

Dress code

Hiking boots are a must for this hilly terrain.

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