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Rocky Mountaineer

The Rocky Mountaineer is all the emblematic scenery that you could possibly want from your trip to Canada. Bringing 5-star service to the wildest corners of this exceptionally vast country, we’re talking a one-of-a-kind rail journey that you most definitely won’t be forgetting in a hurry. Think glass-domed carriages carving gushing canyons, hulking mountains and great big glaciers, all amidst the never-ending verdure of enchanting fir forests. And onboard its spectacular viewing carriages, you’ll be able to swap the well-worn hiking boots for a more elegant shoe – finally – because there are no uphill slogs, testing hikes or sweaty treks on this trip. In fact, you won’t even have to leave the luxury of your plush seat to soak in all the sights. Yep, with this luxury rail journey you are officially a chilled champion of exploration.

Jumping on at Jasper’s endlessly wild expanse – Canada’s largest mountain national park – you’ll be making your way southwest to the skyscraper skyline of British Columbia’s oceanside city, Vancouver, via the arid landscapes and bizarre hoodoos of Kamloops. Jam packed with jaw-dropping panoramas, from sunrise to sunset, you’ll be in for a treat. Which is lucky as this rail journey means a couple of early mornings and two long days. But what is a long day when you can sit back and relax in a modern carriage with first-class service at you fingertips. And, you’ll even have your meals made for you by Michelin-star chefs. How fancy.

It’s a journey that offers landscapes that are as bold as they are beautiful, height of luxury service and a sprinkling of bear, moose and elk watching – all without the compromise on comfort. Hello, cool as a cucumber adventure.

why add Rocky Mountaineer to your itinerary

There’s simply nothing like it. Taking a route that just isn’t possible through any other means, the Rocky Mountaineer is as niche as it is nifty. From carving otherwise impenetrably thick fir forests and scaling the dramatic slopes of the towering Rockies to crossing rolling arid landscapes – it’s a journey that offers variety that’s for sure.

You could drive from Jasper to Vancouver, but where’s the fun in that? Taking to the tracks offers a freedom that road-tripping can’t. For one, the driver will always draw the short straw because they have to keep their eyes on the road not the scenery – you’ll whizz past landmarks that a Rocky Mountaineer host would be on hand to point out to you, and without a trained eye, who’s going to shout ‘BEAR’ from the back of the car? Plus, who doesn’t enjoy being doused in luxury every now and then?

Not only do you get unprecedented scenery at your fingertips, but it’s all paired with michelin-star meals too. This will be a breakfast and lunch spread that will be hard to beat, we’re telling you that much. Forget your usual on-the-go coffee and croissant combo, the Rocky Mountaineer’s gourmet chefs will start your culinary journey off with a menu that will have your mouthwatering. But really, with the split-level dining carts, crisp white linens and local wine, you’d be hard pushed to find as delectable an experience.

To enjoy a journey of a lifetime on the incredible Rocky Mountaineer, simply opt for our Western Classic Rocky Mountaineer base itinerary, or if you really want to go all out in true Planes, Trains and Automobiles style, go for the Western Classic Rocky Mountaineer and Self-drive option. Both will see you riding Canada’s most picturesque rails in unprecedented sophistication – head over to our itinerary builder now to start planning your adventure.

Rocky Mountaineer Essential Information


This epic journey will take you from the incredible natural landscapes of Jasper to the skyscraper skyline of artsy Vancouver.

Opening times

There aren’t ‘opening times’ on the Rocky Mountaineer, but you will want to adhere to their journey specific boarding times to make sure that you’re not left behind! It usually means an early morning, or two, so make sure to set that alarm clock.

Getting in

If you opt for either of our Western Classic rocky Mountaineer, or the Western Classic Rocky Mountaineer and Self-drive base itineraries, this trip of a lifetime will be at the heart of your trip. We haven’t included it in our base itineraries without reason...

Dress code

The Rocky Mountaineer is the very definition of luxury – we mean, you’ll be dining on michelin star spreads for breakfast – so you may want to change your usual trainers and t shirt combo to something a little more suave. We’d go safe with some smart casual attire.

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