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About Us

When we set up Meraki Travel we had a mission – to make it both fun and easy for people to create their own holidays to some of the world’s most mouth-watering destination.

Have a look at our How it works video here.

Before we arrived on the scene, would-be globe trotters like you had two options.

Option 1 was to spend days/weeks/months researching your destination – what to see, what to do, how to get from A to B to C to D, where to stay – before confirming your holiday on numerous different websites and hoping against hope that nothing went wrong. That doesn’t seem like fun to us and it certainly isn’t easy.

Option 2 was to hand it over to someone else to do it – like a travel agent. Easy-ish but you’re not creating your own trip, someone else is doing it for you. Do they really know what you want? And why should they have all the fun of planning your trip?

We think the Meraki way gives you the best of both worlds.  With us, you create your own trip using our itinerary builder. You can select where you go, what you do there and where you stay.  But you select from options that have been carefully selected by our team of travel experts – people who have been there and done that – and vetted by our network of destination partners, the same people who’ll look after you when you’re on the holiday you created.

And why ‘Meraki’ Travel? Meraki means to leave something of yourself – your soul, creativity or love - in your work. We hope we’ve given you the tools to craft a holiday which has plenty of all three – a holiday that would just be so right, you’d never forget it.

Although we are a new travel company - we are not new to travel. Meraki Travel is part of the Der Touristik group. That means we have years of experience and significant backing behind us. And of course we are members of ABTA and all our holidays are ATOL protected. So you get the best of both worlds - reassurance of booking your holiday with an establish holiday group - but the excitement and flexibility of building your own holiday with the new kids on the block - what more could you want? 

So enough about us - Meraki Travel is really all about YOU putting some soul, creativity and love into building your own holiday - so what are you waiting for?  Start building your adventure now....

Sound good?

Then go ahead and choose a country for your next big adventure

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